Our Vision

To globalise the appreciation of African cuisine and culture. Wakanda is purpose-driven and our vision is to become a centre of entrepreneurship excellence in Africa.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to accelerate a new age of Foodpreneurs to disrupt the food ecosystem. The aim is to build a resilient  food ecosystem that addresses the challenge of getting more Foodpreneurs to be effective participants in their own economic transformation.

The food industry is ripe for disruption

This disruption will usher in a new age of food creatives that are currently marginalised because the barriers into the food industry are unrealistically high. Barriers such as spatial marginalisation, small business obstacles, unemployment, lack of education and infrastructure havemade it difficult for food creatives to start businesses.

Wakanda Accelerator Program

Wakanda Food Accelerator is an entrepreneurial hub for food tech innovators driving disruptive solutions for the future of food in South Africa…

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