–   To help support the local economy and create economic transformation

–  To support the entrepreneur’s business as they grow and scale

–  Business model validation and prototyping aiming at fundraising and go-to-market strategy

–  To support the entrepreneur as they scale, go-to-market and provide them with operational functions support

–  Hub center support, including membership access to a number of operational facilities

–  Learn from cross cutting and multidisciplinary networks of corporate executives, successful entrepreneurs, private  firms and investors

–  Exposure to retailers, distributors and food ecosystem trailblazers

–  Facilitating outtake partnerships/agreements in the food ecosystem

–  To be part of a cohort of like minded entrepreneurs in the food ecosystem and build and retain these networks for life

–  Work directly with valuable mentors

–  To become an impact driven organisation

–  Access to cutting edge food technology and curated platforms to ease access to market

–  Training, masterclasses and workshops on fundamental business skills, such as commotion, sales, negotiation etc