Meet Our Alumni



Started by Sinenhlanhla Ndlela is a vegan based dessert product (lce cream) produced from nut based milk & Organic fruits. While made from innovative flavours these ice creams both taste good & have a spiritual slant to them. The flavours are carefully chosen to go according to the chakras, for example the granadilla flavour is for the sacral chakra, which is associated with the emotions and creativity.

Creative Eats

Founded by Lucia Ntuli, her transform perception about native Nguni cuisine, promoting robust flavours the African way. She provides diet conscious catering services to the business community consisting of the taxi association members and other corporates. Creative Eats is committed to providing high quality and nutritious food along with prompt and attentive service that has earned them a reputation that they are proud of.


It’s a ginger based beverage made famous by our mothers and grandmas’s especialy for special occasions like weddings and funerals. If you are from the township or villages then you are guaranteed to have had gogo’s igemmer.

 IGemmer produces an authentic tasting concentrate which you simply dilute in water to your liking. The product is packaged in a manner that makes it apealing and accessible to both young and old. The product has been tested by participating in markets, with excellent feedback being recieved, which has helped shape the business and its approach to the market.

Tutto Foods

Tutto is the Italian word for “everything, everyone, whole”. With Italian heritage in our family it doesn’t get simpler than this: for us good food makes life whole! Nine years ago in 2011, two young crazies who were nuts about food started working a little paella stall at Jozi ‘s top food markets by way of a weekend side hustle. Those crazies were us – Daniel and Clemmy Forsthofer. known for their giant paella pans, extra long queues and “the Tutto yellow”, popping up all around town at markets, festivals and parties. During those nine years a lot of big.

Sonwaro Coffee

Johnson Sehoro is a multiple Gauteng Coffee Champion and Finalist in the SA Coffee Competitions and South African Barista trainer of the year 2018. Today, Johnson owns and runs his own coffee company, Sonwaro in Johannesburg, supplying coffee to top SA Companies and he runs a Barista Training Academy for deaf students, disadvantaged individuals burn victims from Children of Fire.

Sonwaro mission is to empower women in coffee, to encourage more women to participate in the coffee industry. Sonwaro sponsored the Operation Notlela offering free coffee to the SANDF for 6 weeks during Level 5 lockdown. From humble roots, working off firstly as a gardener, Johnson steadily proved himself to be a hard worker and got a break into the coffee industry working as a barista. He has been in the coffee industry for 22 years.

Setsong Teas

Specialising in artisanal, hand crafted tea infusions that are crafted from wild harvested, indigenous, African plants found in the natural landscapes of South Africa; more prominently within the rural areas of Limpopo.

Through tea harvesting & crafting, Setšong aims to develop the economy, establish and create jobs within the rural areas of South Africa. Setšong works in collaboration with community elders, who are indigenous knowledge practitioners, to create a range of tea blends, using the region’s diya root and tepane leaf which contain high anti-oxidants and minerals to rejuvenate and balance the body.

Skyrule Twyst

Skyrule Drinks is a young dynamic company that operates in the Beverage industry. The company prides itself in creating and supplying Skyrule twyst, a range of delicious sparkling juice drink which provides an alternative to mainstream variants available, such as red and white Appletisers.

Skyrule Drinks all have an inherent twyst of an opposing flflavour. The range is 100% fruit juice. The Apple sparkling juices are made with a twyst ofPeach. The Red Grape sparkling juice are made with a twyst of Blueberry. Each twysted juice is packaged on 330ml slander can.

Modern Traditions

Dr Tracy Nelwamondo MbBCH (Wits); is the inspirational brains behind the Modern Traditions brand. Having previously struggled with obesity,  Born and bred in Limpopo, a province reputed for being ‘The Fruit Basket of South Africa’, shecreated a strong relationship with a group of ladies within various villages in Limpopo.

These ladies help her sustainably source fruit and grains which she couples with her medical knowledge and experience to create organic super foods packed with scrumptious wholesomeness and that perfect homemade touch we all can’t resist.

"Our passion is to empower food-creatives to invent and invest in local food cuisine as well as for foodpreneurs to build businesses that focus on nutrition and value-based Foods. "